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We have 40
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Takestan Industrial Group has started his first plant in 1980 by establishing Sanaye Gaz MFG Co. for production of domestic gas regulators. The production rate of this plant is 500 pcs per day now.
In 1991 the second plant started his production by producing pressure vessels and gas heaters as well as involving in industrial combustion systems.
Huge machineries in Takestan has become the company a leading in making any kind of pressure vessels, bending and rolling of plates up to 200 mm thickness and any welding jobs.
Takestan engineering office consists of 30 well trained engineers equipped with modern computer network and all necessary soft wares.
Takestan shops for his current activities include 20,000 roofed square meters which is under expansion up to 40,000 SQ meters.
Technical manpower including about 400 well trained engineers and technicians are continuously under training to become Takestan the most efficient and the biggest in area.




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Founder of the Group

Hamid Fathi born in 1951, BSC in Gas Engineering From Abadan Institute of technology at 1973
  • Worked as designer of gas metering & regulating station up to 1980
  • Stablishment Sanaye Gas M.F.G. Co. at 1980 for production of gas regulator and gas meters
  • Stablishment of Takestan M.F.G. Co. at 1991 for production of oil and gas equipment
  • Stablishment of Bavers Foulad M.F.G Co. at 1994 for production of flanges and forged rings and fittings
  • Stablishment of Bavers Control at 2000 for production of gas meters and gas regulators
Takestan Industrial group with four decades of activity and experience in oil, gas and petrochemical equipment manufacturing is now one the leading companies in this field in Iran and the countries around.
Takestan group has recently involved in production of large flanges for wind farm towers.
We also number one company involved in flare projects in Iran. including design and manufacturing of all appliances needed in flare systems.
Our skilled staff together with our machineries and our experience can solve almost any inquiry in fixed equipment in above field.

With Warmest Regards
Hamid Fathi

Takestan Industrial Group

is a full scope service provider for

Gas Industry
Oil Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Power Plants

Takestan Industrial Systems Products

Takestan Industrial Systems Co. (TISCO) which is our major subsidiary company, produce almost every fixed Equipment in stainless steel, special alloys, cladode materials and titanium for oil, gas chemical and petrochemical industries such as:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Reactors
  • Columns
  • Filters
  • Scrubbers
  • Separators
  • Coalesces
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Pig Launcher / Receiver Trap
  • Air coolers
  • Flare Packages
  • Burn Pit Packages
  • Incinerators
  • Direct Heaters
  • Water Bath Heaters
  • Oil Bath Heaters
  • Storage tanks
  • Odorizing Units
  • Chemical Injection Packages
  • Gas Sweetening Unit
  • Oil Desalting Unit
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Bavers Foulad Products

Bavers Foulad which is our second subsidiary company with 3 diffrent production line , produce steel rings up to 3000 mm diameter steel flanges up to 60 inch ,class 150,300,600,1500,2500 , steel fittings from 16 -56 inches for oil and gas lines such as:

  • Caps or Head (ASME B16.9)
  • Tee (ASME B16.9)
  • Reducer (ASME B16.9)
  • Socklet, Sweepolet, Weldolet, Threadolet(ASME B16.9)
  • Flange (ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.47 A/B, MSS-SP 44)
  • Anchor Flange (ASME SECVII DIV.1)
  • Ring
  • Railway Wheel Banadge (UIC-810-1)
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Sanaye Gaz Iran Products

Sanaye Gaz Iran which is our third subsidiary company produce high quality domestic and industrial gas equipment such as:

  • Gas Control Equipments
  • Gas Regulators
  • Gas meters
  • Safety devices
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